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We're a team of professionals specialized in creative technologies. We work with passion and soul in building digital solutions, from landing pages, websites, mobile applications to large platforms. We're proud to be great partners with amazing clients.

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A minha parceria com a Code and Soul já transcende a 3 agências diferentes em que trabalhei nos ultimos 7 anos, nossa relação profissional tem sido o exemplo perfeito de ganha-ganha, aonde a transparência e parceria são mutuas. São uma equipe extremamente capaz e estão sempre disponíveis, o trato do dia-a-dia é algo muito fácil e bem conduzido, o que facilita muito o trabalho.

Marcelo Sussa, Diretor de Tecnologia, WMcCANN


Less talk, more soul

Firstoeat / App Mobile
Hofbauer / Plataforma
Pet in Time / App Mobile
Whoslate / Plataforma
Biolab / Plataforma
Being mostly oriented to agile practices, we know exactly which development methodology, management approach and team configuration will perfectly meet the needs of your project, reduce time-to-market and, therefore, make the development process smoother and economic. We design and develop different types of digital solutions, from simple applications to immersive and impacting experiences.


UX/UI Strategy & Design

With a lot of love for design, we create a great user experience, always supported by research, data and content analysis.

Web & Mobile

We specialize in PHP, Python, Django, GraphQL, NodeJS, React & React Native. We have already delivered solutions to large companies such as Banco do Brasil, Samsung and FCA.

IoT & Smart Applications

We develop technological solutions that combine IoT-based information architecture and analytical platforms to transform data into actionable business insights.

Scalable Platforms

If your business needs standing operations 24/7 and scaling to demand, we build smart solutions that adjust to your needs.

Cloud Solutions

Want more performance and lower cost per execution of your application? We plan and build your cloud solution supported by our "Continuos Satisfaction" methodology.

Services Tailored

We offer a set of services adapted to your business needs. With a focus on the solution and a proven track record, we are the ideal partner for your project, from concept to production.

Continuous satisfaction

DevOps Methodology

DevOps is a software development methodology that aims to bring software development teams and information technology operatives together. It is a concept that fosters a culture of collaboration between these two teams that historically worked in their own separate silos, from the initial design phase right through to product release.


We’ve worked with some amazing clients over the years

What’s Not And
What’s Hot About it.

Perhaps this is not the topic you were hoping to find, and someof the things here seem absurd, but believe me there are peoplewho think or have thought the most crazy things about GraphQL.